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“Don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams.”
For industry-based programs such as hospitality, part of a student’s experience and collegiate preparation includes practical experience and an understanding of how the industry operates in a professional setting.  The Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation College of Business and Tourism in its HRM Day celebration last August 27, 2015 held at JIB-CBT Building showcased the talents of the JIB students in various exciting events such as fruit carving,  cocktail table set, creative menu, Kadayawan groufie, foodtpgraphy, bridal flower arrangement, cupcake war and a lot more.
Participants from different levels assembled at JIB-CBT Building as early as 6:00 in the morning to do their assigned tasks for the said event. The event formally started at 9:00 am with Ms. Nicole Bian, VP for Academic Development sharing her motivating message to the JIBians and was followed by wine tossing together with the JIB faculty.
As the event was getting more fun, the enthusiastic JIBians have participated in some stimulating events after the opening program  such as; individual table napkin folding, Waltering Olympics and HUGS (Hospitality Ultimate Game Show) up until lunch break. There were also fastidious events ensued in the afternoon just like  the flair tending, table napkin folding dance competition and kitchen orchestra in which the JIB students have extremely enjoyed.
The JIBians have also proven that they are not just about cooking and hospitality; that they also have the beauty and brain that are remarkably inculcated to them by the school as the confident JIB candidates strut the runway for the search of LJH Ambassador and Ambassadress of Hospitality in the later part of the program. The students were very ecstatic throughout the event and have obviously enjoyed the activities.
To garner industry exposure and experience for the students, many collegiate programs including the JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTER FOUNDATION INC., COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND TOURISM, offer internships or cooperative learning and monitored industry settings to broaden the knowledge of its students which will really prove how the school is TRULY GLOBAL and TRULY INTERNATIONAL in various fields.