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JIB Education Center Aims for ISO Accreditation

    -The Mindanao Daily Mirror-

 A privately-owned Joji Ilagan Education Centers (JIEC) is working on the accreditation of its five schools and one call center to meet and be at par with international standards.

The JIEC which operates under the management of Joji iIlagan Career Center Foundation, Inc. had engaged the services of Engr. Chona Evangelista for the development of its Corporate Manual (CM), which manual was turned over to the school heads on Thursday in Davao City.

Foundation President Joji Ilagan-Bian said Engr. Evangelista is a top notch management consultant with extensive experiences in multi-national corporations in Manila aside from her experience as the former chair of the Mechanical Engineering Board.

Bian said taking this step for improvement is very significant to the operations of all her schools and business units because this will ensure consistent and continuous professional growth of all employees as it will put in place a systematic operations and efficient delivery of all services to their clients.

The schools and educational centers under the JIB management are Joji Ilagan College of Business and Tourism, Tumble Tots Philippines, JIB eAcademy ( English and Call Center School ), JIB Welding, Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship, JIB International School and Hotel and Tourism Management of General Santos City and Six Eleven Global Services.

The Corporate Manual was turned over to the School Directors and Managers as they signed their pact of compliance and commitment to signify their full support to the implementation of the CM starting 2011, Bian said.

 "We need to continue improving on the quality of our services and applying for an ISO accreditation is what we are aiming at which we will work for the next two years," she said.

 The Commission on Higher Education had some basic requirements that schools must comply she said, however aiming for higher accreditation is already voluntary.

She said but we choose to go futher with our accreditation beacuse that is the way how to improve the delivery and efficiency by meeting international requirements as we offer to our students quality service of global standards.

She said part of their application for ISO 9002 accreditation is to first start with their staff and employees so they could deliver quality service because their school aims for excellence in education.

Service is our philosophy she said and our staff and employees could not deliver excellent service unless we give them the chance to improve on their capacity and skills.  These items are indicated in the CM which the staff can also check and folow.

 "There are corresponding rewards for their involvement and participation in school programs more so when they improve on their educational qualification," she said.

She also said that the school supports career development of their staff as far as pursuing futher masteral degrees or other graduate school courses and this is a good way of motivating them to improve on their qualifications.

Meanwhile Bian said with only one school they opened in the 80's, to date JIEC now has six schools catering to different sectors.

"I think we can say that we are the most successful among the SME-level even as she attributed this to their being consistent towards professional growth.

She also said that 2010 has been a good year for them even as she is billish for 2011.

She anticipates a growth in enrollment each year based on their experience with a low of 10 percent to a high of 20 to 25 percent.

But she said they aim for a 25 percent growth as they see a growth in the demand for technical and vocational education.

She explained that their educational system goes beyond what is commonly offered as she cited that their Culinary School for instance operates in partnership with the TAFE School of Australia, meaning their graduates are accredited and certified by the Australian-based Culinary School.

"We are the only school operating with this kind of partnership and based on feedback it has impact among our graduates when they apply for work here and abroad," she said.

 Meanwhile the pre-school, Tumble Tots that they operate which is Britain's leading preschool, is also applying for ISO accreditation.  Bian said their market for Tumble Tots are the AB and those in the C bracket who are willing to invest for a quality education of their children.   -Prix D. Banzon-